1) All Fiction Books Under 45,000 Words

Includes poetry, novellas, short stories, & Children's

2) Middle Grade ~ Young Adult ~ New Adult

Fiction over 45,000 words

3) General Fiction

Literary & genre fiction written for a mainstream adult audience over 45,000 words

4) All Nonfiction

Genres & Subjects

Fiction [Categories 1, 2 & 3]

 Choice of one (1) included with standard registration.  You may select up to three (3) additional entries for $35 each

Action & Adventure

African-American Literature

Alternative History

Chick Lit

Children's & Juvenile Fiction (for readers thru age 13)

Children's Picture Books

Christian Fiction

Christian Romance

College Life



Crime & Police Dramas

Cultural & Ethnic Themes

Dark Fantasy


Early Middle Grade (ages 8-11)

Environmental Themes 

Espionage & Spy

Fairy Tales

Family Drama & Generational Sagas

Family Life – Children’s


Fantasy Romance

Literary Fiction

Historical Fiction

Historical Romance

Horror | Ghost| Occult

Humor, Comedy & Satire

Inspirational & Religious Fiction

International Fiction

LGBTQ (open)

LGBTQ Romance

Magical Realism

Military & War Fiction

Multicultural Fiction 

Mystery & Detective 

New Age & Spiritual 

Non-Traditional Lifestyles

Overcoming Adversity (Physical, Mental, Emotional)


Paranormal Romance


Political Thriller/Drama

Religious Fiction


Romantic Comedy

Romantic Suspense/Thriller

Sci-fi / Dystopian

Short Stories & Novelettes

Speculative Fiction


Sports & Games


Thriller & Suspense

Transgressional Fiction

Urban Fantasy (incl Romance)

Urban Fiction

Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction


Women's Fiction

Nonfiction [Category 4]

Choice of one (1) included with standard registration.  You may select up to three (3) additional entries for $35 each


Action & Adventure (true life)

Aging and Retirement

African-American History | Culture 

Animals | Pets

Art & Photography

Biography & Memoirs

Business, Finance, & Economics

Career & Lifestyle

Children's & Juvenile Nonfiction (educational)

Christian Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction

Crime & Police

Cultural & Ethnic

Current Events & Social Issues 

Domestic | Homes

E-book Nonfiction

Educational (adult)


Gender Studies

General Nonfiction

Health & Well-Being 

Historical Nonfiction 

How-To & Instructional

 Inspirational  & Religious Nonfiction 

Legal & Law

LGBTQ Issues

Men's Lifestyle

Mental Health

Military & War Nonfiction

Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness

Motivational/  Self-Help (open)

Multicultural & International Nonfiction

Mystery / Unsolved Crimes

New Age & Spiritual 

Non-Traditional Lifestyles

Overcoming Adversity - Emotional/Mental

Overcoming Adversity - Physical

Paranormal & Unexplained Events

Parenting & Family 

Politics & Current Affairs


Religious Nonfiction

Science & Nature

Social Issues & Awareness


Sports & Games

Travel Guides, International Traveling, Studying Abroad

True Crime

Western History

Women's Issues & Lifestyle

Important Note:

 IDBA can accept only a limited number of entries in each category and genre. When the limit is hit, the genre/category will be marked as closed even if it is before the stated contest deadlines

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